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Migrating from NPM to PNPM

6 minute read

PNPM has been touted as a more performant and reliable replacement for NPM, aiming to reduce slow build times and eliminate issues with dependency mismatches. I primarily investigated PNPM as a way of speeding up the ...

Web based 3D geological model viewer

8 minute read

BGS’s 3D geological model viewer provides on-demand generation of images of synthetic borehole log, vertical section and horizontal slices as outputs from selected 3D geological models. These are made available throug...

Static Code Analysis with SonarQube

3 minute read

Static Code Analysis with SonarQube The use of static code analysis tools can help developers identify code quality issues and security vulnerabilities early in the software development lifecycle, and so helps in the ...

Speeding up ETLHelper’s API transfers with asyncio

4 minute read

ETLHelper is a Python library developed at BGS for reading from and writing to databases. It makes it easy to run a SQL query and transform the results into JSON objects suitable for uploading to an HTTP API.